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A Very Private Eye (AVPE) is a veteran-owned state-licensed investigative agency staffed by state-licensed Private Investigators in central Florida who have been subjected to intensive screening prior to employment. The staff brings a diverse representation of experience to AVPE.  They are led by a former Federal Agent and military veteran who returned to his hometown of Orlando to become a central Florida Private Investigator.

AVPE specializes in litigation support and due diligence inquiries. AVPE offers progressive solutions to meet clients’ needs, including those in the areas of family, liability, and commercial law.  AVPE has, over the years, built a strong and trusted reputation throughout the local legal and business community. Numerous attorney and judge references are available upon request.

The quality of our work product is unmatched by the majority of the competitors in the markets that we serve. The AVPE staff is a proven commodity and is prepared to complete your assignment with professionalism, integrity, and the utmost consideration of your needs.

*Before hiring a Florida private investigator and agency, you should always verify their licenses at the Division of Licensing (at the following link):


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Mailing address:

3936 S. Semoran Blvd., Suite 487

Orlando, FL 32822

Service Areas: All of Florida


FL Agency License: A 2900131


Oliver W. “Ollie” Phipps is a University of Central Florida graduate and former U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI) Special Agent. He has been in the investigation industry for 40 years. During his four years with OSI, Ollie served with detachments in Austin, Texas, Manila, Philippines, and Cocoa Beach, Florida. While the OSI was responsible for major investigations into crime and counter-intelligence, Ollie specialized in fraud inquiries. He worked cases with all the federal law enforcement agencies and many state and local ones as well. Ollie is an inaugural graduate of the Orange County Bar Association’s “Leadership Law” course.

As a Florida state-licensed Private Investigator, Ollie supervised and conducted a variety of investigations, specializing in litigation support and surveillance.  In his work for law firms, he focuses on family, commercial, liability and intellectual property.  He has performed hundreds of domestic and disability cases, often featuring video evidence. Ollie has also completed numerous background and asset research projects, discharged accident investigations, directed due diligence examinations and carried out undercover work in a variety of matters.

While living abroad between 1990 and 2001, Ollie was a manager and partner of ASSI, Inc., an investigative firm based in Asia.  They offered due diligence and intellectual property protection inquiries and enforcement services. Long-term clients included Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Omega, Cartier, and Adidas.

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Central Florida Private Investigator


AVPE’s investigative staff is prepared to provide competent and thorough support to the legal community by collecting targeted, probative, admissible evidence. AVPE is prepared to assist you in your case preparation and testimony.

Why choose AVPE?

  • The chief investigator has been an affiliate member of the Orange County Bar Association for 10 years and attends multiple seminars each month to stay current on case law and practices.
  • AVPE has years of experience conducting litigation-support cases in a variety of legal matters.
  • AVPE can provide an extensive listing of attorney clients and judiciary member references.

AVPE adheres to the strictest possible code of ethics in all investigations. Chapter 493 F.S. legislates confidentiality and professionalism in the conduct of licensed inquiries.

Investigators are trained and educated on traditional methods and current investigative trends.

AVPE has experience supporting litigation involving commercial or transactional disputes, family matters, liability issues, intellectual property, and insurance fraud.

  • Asset searches and judgment recovery
  • Records research and retrieval
  • Proprietary data-based resources utilization
  • Witness location and interviewing
  • Covert video surveillance
  • Recorded and written statements
  • Incident/Accident scene investigations
  • Sub rosa work

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Personal relationships are a sensitive area for many clients.  Members of the investigative staff are compassionate and sensitive towards the needs of both the client and the case at hand.  Professionalism allows AVPE to maintain objectivity and make calm assessments on behalf of all clients.

Why choose A Very Private Eye?

  • We only have a two hour minimum on fieldwork (for many other agencies, the minimum is four)
  • Surveillance is our specialty and we customize our coverage schedule and research scope according to our clients’ needs, in respect of the budget
  • We routinely work hand-in-hand with clients’ legal counsel to ensure our efforts are targeted toward relevant evidence
  • Our Chief Investigator is a former Federal Agent, holds a Psychology degree and has decades of experience as a Private Investigator


AVPE clients are guaranteed discreet and professional investigations.  Indeed, Florida law governing licensed agencies mandates it!  In some instances, clients simply want peace of mind.  In other cases, infidelity can play a part in the client’s legal strategy.  There may be issues of harassment, neglect, abuse, dissipation of marital assets, etc.  Staff members are available to assist, any time, any day.  No matter what the circumstances, clients can be assured of one thing: AVPE will find the truth!

Parenting Plan (Timesharing / Child custody / Visitation)

AVPE’s proven methods are designed to assist clients in establishing the facts necessary to design or modify a parenting plan or custody.  Are there questionable individuals in the presence of the children?  Are the kids being left home alone for a time?  Is the visitation being supervised, as required?  Is the parent intoxicated or driving recklessly when with the children?  AVPE will work with your attorney to specifically manage your case in a way that will guarantee maximum effectiveness.

Child Support

It is somewhat common that one side or the other will want to know how much the other party is earning, as it relates to the support amount.  Sometimes child support is petitioned to be modified.  In both instances, AVPE can utilize specialized research and fieldwork to help establish what the real story is about the subject’s income/source.

Check-A-Mate / Check-A-Date

Before you commit, ensure you know to whom and what you are committing!  Too often a client contacts us after they have found themselves in a bad relationship.  Then they want to know background information on the other individual.  It’s a lot easier, less stressful, and cheaper to commission us before things get serious.  AVPE will help you make an informed decision through proprietary research.  It can tell us about criminal or driving history or derogatory information such as liens, judgments, bankruptcies, evictions, and foreclosures.  We can also backstop what the other individual is telling you about their past, such as work experience or educational accomplishments.  Discretion is maintained at all times for the protection and privacy of AVPE clients.

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Pre-Employment Screening

Elude the hazards of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)! Shrinkage, loss, and workplace violence can be mitigated and often prevented through proper employee screening.  Our staff will prepare a background check package tailored to your needs. Offerings may include criminal, civil, and financial searches, as well as a detailed verification of references, education, and driving history.

Employee Misconduct Investigations

Avoid the pitfalls of privacy concerns! AVPE is pleased to offer discreet and aggressive internal investigations for business clients. We can provide undercover agents to assist in ferreting out ongoing fraud or embezzlement. We have closely affiliated specialists, such as a forensic accountant, a polygrapher, and a digital forensics expert, that can be called in when necessary. We will handle these matters for you, and leave you free to focus on the business at hand, your business.

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Central Florida Private Investigator


Are you being bugged? Ensure the privacy of your communications by contracting AVPE to do an electronic sweep of your home, business, car, airplane, or yacht. AVPE has a closely affiliated eavesdrop and wiretap expert who can find those video or listening devices for you. A room or telephone can be bugged for as little as $50 from parts purchased at an electronics store.

Digital Forensics (computers, cellphones & tablets)

Need to find out who your employee/partner/child is communicating with? Need to know what has been typed or what sites have been visited? AVPE has a closely affiliated digital forensic examiner who can recover texts, deleted files, track internet and email usage, and uncover other potential items of interest or liabilities on your digital devices.

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Central Florida Private Investigator


I was referred to Ollie by a colleague of his.  He took my call and was able to go out and work my case within hours.  He handled a sensitive matter very delicately and professionally.  He fully accomplished my request, and I am extremely grateful for it. Thanks beyond words. (M.S., Connecticut) 
“I have used AVPE for investigation work in both the US and Asia for nearly 20 years and have always been very happy with their work. On the few occasions when they thought, for whatever reason, that they couldn’t do it or I was better going to somebody else, Oliver was very honest and said so. You cannot ask for more than that. I have no hesitation in recommending him for any investigation work. (P. Anthony Gallo, Esq., New York)

“Our firm has had the pleasure of working with Ollie at A Very Private Eye for the past several years. AVPE has assisted our company with employee background checks and locating beneficiaries for our estate and trust administrations. Ollie is always professional, responsive, and answers our questions quickly and thoroughly. His level of service is top-notch. We highly recommend him and the AVPE team!” (Winship Law, P.A., Orlando, FL)
 “I own and manage a law firm in the Orlando area, and my practice area gives rise to a regular need for background searches, skip traces, and surveillance work.  A Very Private Eye has been my go-to source for nearly a decade now, and in that time, they have never failed to be professional, diligent, responsive, and communicative.  They are the gold standard.” (Andrew W., Orlando, FL)
“I contacted AVPE to assist in a background check.  I had been corresponding with someone online and wanted to be sure that it was a genuine relationship.  AVPE uncovered some provisional information within the budget, indicating that the subject’s identity may not be as he alleged.  To my surprise, they forged ahead with additional research at no further cost to me.  This resulted in more information and potentially saved me much grief and expense.  I’m glad I contacted AVPE for help, and I will highly recommend them to all who might need their services.” (P.B. New Smyrna Beach, FL)
I have come to know and respect Ollie over the past few years. He is sharp, witty, articulate, and a person of integrity. These, and other qualities that Ollie possesses, serve him well as a PI. For anyone seeking the services of a professional investigator, I would highly recommend that they consider Ollie Phipps and his company-A Very Private Eye.” (Pete D., Orlando, FL)
“As one of the first people I met when I joined the Orlando, Inc. (Chamber of Commerce) team, Oliver has proven himself invaluable – both in the performance of his job as an investigator and his ability to help others become more successful. His positive attitude, integrity, constant thirst for knowledge, and expertise in a broad range of subjects, make Oliver a business contact and friend that anyone is lucky to have.” (K Goins., Mesa, AZ)
“I wanted to share this note with you and your team regarding your recent operation.  You and your team’s persistence acquired evidence needed to reveal and defend against secret plans with another man to move my young kids away from their father.  Besides several other trips to visit him in remote parts of the nation, the subject returned to Orlando again, and you ultimately caught clear video evidence we needed.  These individuals have been engaged in adultery for over 9 months, including a weekend in Orlando while the kids and I were at my father’s funeral.  Your professional help delivered.  Please give my thanks and gratitude to your team for really bringing this home in the last critical hours.” (Father of 4 and 6 year old)
I researched and sought out a licensed, experienced, and highly professional security and investigation agency in Florida. I needed to rapidly obtain solid results to protect myself financially, to provide for my security, and to possibly prevent and protect a loved one from criminal activity. My quick but extensive research lead me to Ollie at AVPE.  I telephoned him in the afternoon, and he was out collecting evidence on my behalf that evening.  He was able to confirm the information I had and give me the peace of mind I needed.  AVPE did a great service to help me and saved my marriage! (D.A., Sheppard Air Force Base, Wichita Falls, TX)
“Oliver is a consummate professional whose eye for detail is second to none in my opinion. He is sharp, ever willing to adapt to changes if circumstances demand it, and always quick off the block when situations warrant it. Always thinking out of the box, he was arguably one of the best I have had the pleasure of engaging in my career. Oliver loves what he does, and that is reflected in the quality of work produced and the years he has spent honing that set of skills. I have no hesitation in recommending Oliver to all who require his services.” (Cheow Wee, Lawyer, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Thank you again for the extraordinary work AVPE and your team did on the earlier case.  The way in which your team quickly adapted and started on the case was appreciated.  I was also totally impressed with your team’s knowledge of the area, fantastic appreciation of advanced surveillance techniques, and, most importantly, your ability to work with me and follow a subject off and on for two months without detection, over long distances and time.  Your professional work made my corporation look great.  That’s why I retained AVPE more recently to conduct extensive background, including tasks in south Florida.  I commend you for the performance of your in-house team and an extensive network of quality investigators throughout the state.” (Jeffery Brose, Corporate President, Brose, Lindsey & Associates Investigations, Inc.)
“I first met Ollie when we were both members of the Rotary Club of Orlando.  When I decided to start my Human Resources Consulting Practice, I never considered using anyone other than Ollie for pre-employment background checks for my clients.  Ollie is quick, thorough,  responsive,  focused on his clients, and is a delight to work with.  He is a great teacher and always takes the time to review reports if needed.  I wholeheartedly recommend Ollie and his staff.” (Pam Ison, President, Ison Consulting Group, LLC)   
I approached Ollie at AVPE to provide covert video surveillance in a child custody case.  Within two days of my contacting AVPE, on the very first day of work, Ollie captured conclusive video evidence of the subject working (when the latter maintained in court that he was not employed).  This was important to the case and valuable to our legal team.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend AVPE for anyone’s investigative needs!” (M.F., Winter Park, FL)
In 2017, I first commissioned AVPE, a fellow member of a national investigative association, to conduct financial research on a subject in which my law firm was interested.  This resulted in AVPE identifying the location of nearly $20,000 in assets.  Until June 2019, my firm hired AVPE to research financial assets in eight other cases.  Often this revealed unknown accounts and details which were valuable to our litigation.  My firm looks forward to doing additional business with AVPE! (Edward Michael Simon, Chief Investigator, Chuck Bretz & Associates, P.C. [metro Chicago], IL)
Oliver and the team at AVPE are a benchmark for discretion & professionalism and have supreme competence in the field of private investigation. The investigator that was assigned to our [my] case was experienced and attentive to our [my] needs, and we [I] always knew we [I] could pick up the phone and get a hold of them or Oliver and his management team at all times. When EVERYTHING is on the line, things need to be done right the first time; AVPE needs to be your first call.” (Dennis L., President/C.E.O. of Night Auditors)
Thank you very much for the very professional job and reports, and thanks for minimizing the expenses.” (TAV Investigations, New York City)
I contacted AVPE to carry out surveillance to collect evidence in a post-divorce matter.  Ollie and his associates at AVPE worked effectively over many months and procured the necessary background information and videography.  As a result of AVPE’s and a local PI’s findings, the court upheld my motion to terminate alimony payments, which was the main purpose of the investigation.  I heartily recommend AVPE to a prospective client that needs assistance in a family law situation.” (T.R., Mobile, AL)
I contacted AVPE to carry out surveillance to collect evidence in what was essentially a parental kidnapping case.  Over a long weekend, Ollie and his colleague worked tirelessly, around the clock, obtained the necessary information and photography, and liaised with my out-of-state attorney.  The police requested a sworn written statement from Ollie, and, as a result, a warrant was signed by a judge on a Sunday night.  A SWAT team of police executed the warrant, arrested the offending adult, and returned my child to me.  My son and I are grateful for the professional and dedicated support provided by Ollie and his team at AVPE!” (B.D., San Francisco, CA)
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